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Professional, reliable and affordable Canberra removalist services for ACT and the surrounding region.

Your local Canberra

leading Canberra removalist

An up-and-coming, energetic young moving company.

We’re a dynamic and capable removalist dedicated to providing all Canberrans with high-quality, affordable and reliable residential and commercial removal services. Formed in 2021, Action Removals Canberra is only young, but we’re fast becoming one of the leading removalists in Canberra, earning a reputation for efficiency and reliability with friendly and approachable customer service.

We pride ourselves on offering a professional and considerate, but dynamic and adaptable moving service for Canberra and surrounding areas. We put extra effort into ensuring our customers get a great moving experience. And this starts with having a crew of professional, hard-working and happy removalists!

Efficient and reliable

Our removalists will save you time and headaches through our professional service.

Affordable pricing

Our rates are affordable and up-front: we won’t slug you with hidden fees.

Fully equipped

Our removalist crews are fully equipped, trained, experienced and insured.

Great customer service

We strive to meet your needs, keeping you well informed throughout the process.

Our mission, should you choose to accept it:
to save you time, money and stress.

Our action heroes have assembled and are waiting for your call. Let us take care of your Canberra removal!

Service with a smile
Flexible scheduling

Action Removals empowers our removalists!

At Action Removals, we have worked hard to create an environment where every removalist is supported through the right communication, organisation, equipment and most importantly, a positive team culture where everyone works together to achieve the best outcome and make a positive impact on our clients’ lives.

The removalist crews at Action Removals take great pride in their work and are empowered to operate independently to best meet your needs. This means we can consistently attract and retain the best and most professional career removalists in Canberra.

That’s why Action Removals has built a following of loyal customers who ask for our removalists time after time.

Hear what our action heroes have to say.

When I go out to a job, I know I have everything I need before I arrive, and that our office coordinator is always available to answer questions if anything comes up. Action Removals is a well-oiled machine, which makes both our and our customers lives’ easier.


Action Removals crew member

When we arrive, our customer is normally stressed out with a lot on their mind. I love how they relax when they start to see that we are approaching their move professionally, efficiently and carefully. It’s great to know we are making a big difference to their day.


Action Removals team leader

Trusted, reliable removalist

The Action Removals Difference.

Our young removals company is setting a new and higher standard for all removalists across Canberra. Here’s how we are doing it.

We respect our customers.

We know that great moving experiences for our customers are based on trust and respect. That’s why our prices are up-front, honest and fair, and why we treat your belongings with the care and consideration that you deserve. So you can relax knowing you are getting the best value-for-money moving service possible.

We are committed to quality.

At Action Removals, we always like to see the positive. But we’re also committed to telling our customers the truth. And here it is:

The Canberra market is flooded with cheap and unreliable movers who won’t show up to your booking if they get a bigger job, won’t have the right equipment, and won’t care if they damage your belongings in the process. Not to mention the extra hidden costs they won’t tell you about until after you’ve booked! Choosing one of these dodgy operators might cost you dearly.

But there is a silver lining. Choosing a trusted removalist with a commitment to efficiency, organisation, reliability, care and respect – like Action Removals – will give you peace of mind and confidence that you’re paying for a high-quality removalist service that’s the absolute best choice for your move.

When you call, we’ll answer.

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